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 Maintenance Request
Please Note...

All general maintenance must be reported to our office in writing. Once we have received the request, either our office or a tradesperson will contact you. 

In the event of an emergency repair, contact our office immediatley.

Date 18 Oct 2017
Tenant/s Name/s
Property Manager
Type of Maintenance
  URGENT - Emergency! If the Property or Person is in danger of damage or injury, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.
  NOT URGENT - Not an emergency. NB: Please be aware our Agency is to refer to the Lessor for instructions regarding
the item/s as advised and will advise the Tenant of the outcome ASAP.
Description of Maintenance
Access for Tradesperson Use the office key   Call to arrange access
  I hereby authorise your office and/or the tradespeople to enter the property to view and/or carry out the repair.